May Seminar 2022

The May seminar Writing our future ... will respond to developments in the text list, with supporting workshops focusing on the new additions to the text list.

Keynote addresses

Lisa Bottomley and Sophie Johnson, QCAA, will present the keynote address. The scope of their presentation will include:

  • External Assessment Practices, and ways that schools may wish to reflect upon their own marking processes.
  • Developing a culture around external assessment – promoting broad engagement with the prescribed text list to enhance individual and collective teacher knowledge, and to be positively involved in a ‘change culture’ that the rotating text lists will result in
  • .Brief comments on new additions to the prescribed text list.

International Academic Dr Claudia Rozas Gomez, University of Auckland will present a special address. Her most recent research has focused on text selection in the New Zealand high-stakes assessment environment.  She will discuss her findings, including the pressure English teachers feel to get students through high stakes assessment, and to give them texts that they enjoy, which is often in tension with what they want to do to be "true to themselves as English teachers". This address will be available online for all registrants.


The program features workshops on:

Texts: Shakespearean set texts; Stasiland, Foreign Soil and LabryinthThe Yield (pre-recorded only); Wuthering Heights; The Dry; Hag-Seed.

Films: Parasite; Jojo Rabbit and Mad Max: Fury Road; Little Women and Howl's Moving Castle

Poetry: Kirli Saunders and Luka Lesson

Years 7 - 10: Flash fiction and microlit; Novel Ideas: Teaching fiction in the middle school.


are now open and will close on Saturday 7 May 2022.  You are asked to enter a first and second choice for each workshop session. Get in early for the best choice.

What will be available for members in regional and rural areas?

We expect to be able to stream Lisa Bottomley's and Sophie Johnson's keynote. Dr Claudia Rozas Gomez's address is recorded

Two workshops in each session will be streamed and recorded or recorded and made available later. This will cover two novels, one film and one Years 7 - 10 workshops. These will be the ones in greatest demand.

The Yield is being pre-recorded for all attendees. Some other presenters will also pre-record their workshops 


The presenter of Flash fiction and microlit has had to withdraw for medical reasons. Hag-Seed is being recorded and will be available to all.

Sunday 8 May - Workshop placement in the program has been finalised on the basis of registrations received by end of Saturday 7 May.

First session will be: A. Shakespearean Set Texts, B. Stasiland, Foreign Soil, Labryinth, E. The Dry and I. Little Women and Howl's Moving Castle

Second session will be: D. Wuthering Heights, G. Parasite, H. Jojo Rabbit and Mad Max: Fury Road, J. Poetry Kirli Saunders and Luka Lesson, and L. Novel Ideas.

Monday 9 May

Shakespearean Set Texts workshop is close to being fully booked

Venue:University of Queensland
Venue Address:St Lucia
Starting:8:30 AM
Saturday 14th May 2022
Ending:1:00 PM
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