Essential English - Community of Practice Event

Essential English is new for everyone in 2020. We have all been busy creating rigorous and engaging programs for our students and guiding them through a period of extraordinary change and disruption. Now we're ready to take some time out for us. Our community of practice event is an opportunity for us to share some of the exciting work we've been doing and share samples of student work.
If you are doing something that's interesting or effective, why not celebrate it? We are calling for volunteers to present a 7 minute Pecha Kucha presentation summarising a moment of triumph or challenge in your delivery of Essential English so far.

Presentation Guidelines

  • The topic is completely open; as long as it is interesting and about Essential English, go for it!
  • A Pecha Kucha is a PowerPoint presentation: 20 slides, 20 seconds (about 50 words) per slide
  • The style is typically narrative and rich in visual imagery
  • Present live or, if you're shy or want to use some digital gymnastics, prerecord your speech and play it for us.

When: Saturday 7th November

Time:  9:00 - 12:30

Where: Citipointe Christian College 

Map of the college. We will be in the college hall, building number 9, in the bottom left hand corner of the map. Please park on Wecker Road.

Further information: Download the flyer.  The program is available now and registrations are open. The program is being mailed to members of ETAQ in the first week of term. This event will be run as a face to face event but we will also be catering  for rural and regional members. 

Attendees should familiarise themselves with ETAQ's COVID-19 Safety plan before attending.

Registrations:  opened on Thursday, 1st October. and will close on Friday 30th October.  Late registrations by Sunday 1st November if possible.

Further information may be added here as we get closer to the event. Intending participants should always check our website for the latest information.

Venue: Citipointe Christian College
Starting: 9:00 AM
Saturday 7th November 2020
Ending: 12:30 PM
Phone Enquiries: 0455464000
Email Enquiries:

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