Peter Botsman Award 2021 - in school category

Adam Davy

Adam Davy, the Head of English at Kelvin Grove State College, is responsible for leading the design and implementation of curriculum that has challenged and inspired more than 2600 students across years 6-12. A key member of the English Faculty at the college since 2007, after becoming Head of Department in the English Faculty in 2012, Adam has modelled innovative leadership, defined by his personal belief in the power of compassion, collegiality and creativity.
He has made significant, ongoing contributions to Queensland's broader education journey, through his advisory role in the QCAA's development of the new English syllabus suite, as a co-presenter at several QCAA syllabus in-service workshops around Brisbane, and as a Lead Endorser. His keen interest in the design of challenging and innovative curriculum has been inspirational as he leads the development and implementation of learning and assessment programs for senior English, Literature, Essential English, English as an Additional Language, and English and Literature Extension, and the subsequent revision of the middle years English curriculum to best support vertical alignment. His expertise, experience and insight have instilled his teaching team with great confidence, and he regularly inspires with his explicit commitment to the challenges associated with truly innovative curriculum design and pedagogical practices.
Adam is the architect of the unique EXCELeration program that offers young learners the opportunity to accelerate their learning in the English learning area, whilst simultaneously cultivating their love of the literary arts, and nurturing their growth as writers, thinkers and performers. His students' contribution to Queensland's literary arts landscape is noteworthy. For example, in 2019 and 2020, students from the program were formally recognised as Brisbane Writers Festival Youth Ambassadors. Students have also achieved success in a range of high-profile events such as the SlammED! poetry slam, the John Marsden and Hachette Australia Prize, the Kid's Cancer Council Write a Book in a Day project, and the IEU/ETAQ literary competition.
In addition, Adam:
was instrumental in introducing the role of English Captain at his school. Like traditional student leaders in fields such as sport, the English Captains provide inspiration and guidance to the student population
co-founded the school's Slamasaurus initiative, a collective of creative young arts enthusiasts as young as 11.
designed and implemented biennial student tours to the UK and Melbourne, Australia's very own UNESCO City of Literature
ensured students have direct engagement with local and internationally renowned artists
contributes to ETAQ and AATE events across the country, sharing his unique insight with others on topics close to his heart.
Beyond school, Adam directly contributes to the Australian Arts Community through his role as a Board Member of the Australian Film Classification Review Board, and as an independent author.
Queensland's education landscape continues to benefit from Adam's many and varied contributions, and he is a worthy recipient of the Peter Botsman Award.


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