Diving Deep into External Assessment

Student and teacher events: Diving Deep into the Analytical Essay

Latest update

Detailed information statement and instructions were sent to schools on Wednesday 2nd September. A copy is available here for your information

Pre-recorded materials open to registered participants from 3pm,  with live discussion in half hour blocks from 4pm - 5:30pm. Live discussions will primarily relate to Writing the Analytical Essay, but students will be free to ask questions about their selected texts. Discussions will not be recorded.
Students can view the sessions in real time with their teachers on Wednesday afternoon. Or classes can access the materials to run their own workshops later. Students can also register independently.

Schools will only get to the 4:00pm session if they watch their workshops consecutively with little or no time for discussion or reflection or activities suggested by the presenters.

This might be perfectly fine for lots of them because they might be instructing kids to go back later and watch them again. But others may want a more fulsome real-time experience with their students. Our suggestion is that attending the 5pm conversation should allow fairly complete engagement with the suggested activities, with a little leftover for some discussion or a break or whatever.

The link to the live chat is intended for teacher use, not individual student use. Even though sound and video will be disabled for the meeting, we expect that a class teacher is the supervisor for a class event and they will enter student questions into the chat space on their students' behalf. Teachers should not provide a Zoom link for student use either at school or at home. The link to the prerecorded text sessions on Vimeo can and should be shared with students.

Student Webinar A

Writing the Analytical Essay will explore: interpreting the question, the structure and language features of the literary interpretation, building an argument, and using evidence to strengthen your response. Our aim is that students and their teachers will use what they learn to help plan their preparation for those crucial last weeks before the exam. Our carefully crafted script for this session brings together the combined thinking of experienced ETAQ representatives.

Student Webinar B

Deep Dives into the Literature: 30 minute prescribed text webinars presented by expert academics whose brief is to: be fascinating and passionate about the text; pose interesting questions; offer deeper and less predictable insights on central themes; suggest a theme that might not have been covered in the classroom; and provide some strong examples of aesthetic features and stylistic devices that link to a range of ideas. 

The program is now available here and registrations are open.

Teacher event

Webinar sessions on preparing students for the EA followed by a live discussion from 11am - 12. Please go to Diving Deep into the Analytical Essay for teachers  to register for the teacher event on Saturday 12 September. 

Launch Date

Wednesday 9th September from 3pm for the student event and pre-recorded material will be available online from that date until 26 October.

Programis now available here;  registrations by 2nd September would be appreciated

Why are we using Zoom for the live discussion sessions?

Cost is based on a per class basis

  Members Non-members

Individual yr 12




member & 1 class

member & 2 classes

member & 3 classes

member & 4 classes

non-member & 1 class  $60

non-member & 2 classes  $120

non-member & 3 classes  $180

non-member & 4 classes $240

teacher event $35 $52 na

We expect all/most registrations will be for class/school groups. Member's price for a class includes teacher and up to 25 students. Each teacher will be responsible for distributing password information to their class.

Note you will need the following information to complete a registration for the student event, noting 3 below in particular:

  1. Name and email address of each teacher
  2. Name of school
  3. Number of classes that will be registered for each teacher (English, EALD and Literature can all be added together to get number of classes for a teacher
  4. Selected novel or play for each class

When you have successfully completed a registration, you will see an on-screen message confirming the registration and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address of the person completing the registration. If you opt to pay off-line, you will get an invoice instead of the confirmation email. If any of this does not happen, please contact trish.purcell@bigpond.com to confirm  your registration has been received.


Starting:3:00 PM
Monday 26th October 2020
Ending:5:00 PM
Thursday 29th October 2020
Phone Enquiries:0455464000
Email Enquiries: adminofficer@etaq.org.au

Upcoming Events

Early Career Conference 2022: Writing our future?

Writing our future? - a conference presented by and for early career teachers  on Saturday 22 October at Wynnum SHS (tbc)

Category: Seminar
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Date: Saturday 22nd October 2022
Venue: Wynnum SHS

External Examination Preparation

Registration Scroll down to register - but please do read this information Schools should register each teacher who will be using the materials.  Acting on feedback from last year, we will be making the materials available earlier this year. We will be running the External Examination Preparation as one package with more fl...

Category: Student (and teacher) Event
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Date: Saturday 29th October 2022
Venue: Online
Phone Enquiries: 0455464000
Email Enquiries:  adminofficer@etaq.org.au

Writing our future in Essential English 2022

Writing our future in Essential English - a community of practice especially for teachers of Essential English on Saturday 5 November.

Category: Seminar
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Date: Saturday 5th November 2022
Venue: To be confirmed

Indigenous Perspectives in the Junior Curriculum

After a work program review Town High explored ways to better embed indigenous perspectives in the year 7 program through a novella study of Black Cockatoo.  The unit became our first taste of analytical essay writing in year 7, in preparation for subsequent years.  We found greater engagement from students across the board. ...

Category: Seminar
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Date: Friday 2nd December 2022
Venue: Town High, Townsville
Email Enquiries:  adminofficer@etaq.org.au

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