May Masterclass 2020: Diving Deep into Assessment for Learning

This event will offer participants an opportunity to streamline their skills in assessment for learning,  and quality feedback processes at a series of workshops for teachers of years 7 -12 to be presented by colleagues and academics. Some sessions from the March seminar will also be included.

This event will be presented online on 16 May. Each person who registered by  Wednesday 13 May,  should have received an email containing the links for the various sessions. For this reason a school which registers a number of teachers will have to record an email address for each person. This email will be sent again on Friday afternoon.

This activity will contribute 3 hours to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Certificates of Participation will be emailed as PDFs to attendees in the week following the event. 

When you have completed the registration process, you should receive an on-screen confirmation and then an email confirming your registration. If this does not happen, please contact Trish at if you have any questions about your registration, please do not hesitate to contact Trish.

Program is availailable here.  The print version should be delivered to members by 24th April or soon after. The program has been updated since it was printed; the digital version is the most up to date one.

Registrations will close on Friday 15 May.

Venue: Online
Starting: 8:30 AM
Saturday 16th May 2020
Ending: 1:00 PM
Email Enquiries:

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